The College Specialist’s Unlimited Full Spectrum Services

are designed precisely to help our parents and students in offsetting today’s many challenges of college planning.

What We Offer

Initial Session


Duration: Up to 90 Minutes

Meet & Strategize!

The Specialist will customize this session based on your specific data & will share valuable insights, set exact parameters, expectations, and a viable path on how to move forward in your Admissions/Scholarships/Free Aid process with increased confidence.

Important: If your child is heading to college with only 12-18 months remaining to deadlines, this consultation is designed for you!

Comprehensive Package

College Applications & Essay Services (Unlimited Sessions & Support):

Comprehensive Student Evaluation

Areas of Interest/Major/Schools

Building a Student Resume

College Data Reports

Develop College List Organized into Reach, Target, and Safety Schools

Superb Essays & Personal Statements Counseling & Editing

How to Get the Most out of College Visits and Interviews

Complete all Application Before Deadlines

Early Admissions/ Decisions Counseling

& much more.

Scholarships & Free Aid Services (Unlimited Sessions & Support):

Strategies on INCREASING Merit Scholarships

Strategies on INCREASING Need Based Scholarships

Federal & Private SAI Calculation & Reduction Strategies

FAFSA Form Strategies & Instructions

CSS - Profile Form Strategies & Instructions

Leveraging the Financial Aid Offers & Negotiations

Award Letters Review and Appeal Evaluation

Identify Areas for Cash Flow Enhancement

Debt Reduction Strategies

& much more.

Did You know?


Today’s college costs can escalate upwards of $340,000.00 per student and despite all the available information most families still overpay about 20% to 40% due to a lack of cohesive strategy and the complicated scholarships & financial aid procedures. 

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