The College Specialist’s Unlimited Services

are designed precisely to help our parents and students in offsetting today’s many challenges of college planning.

What We Offer

College Costs questions parents are concerned about:

What Strategies are available to my specific family’s situation to increase our chances of winning/obtaining more Scholarships and Free Aid?

How is our EFC calculated? Can it be lowered?

How to avoid loans?

How do we negotiate with colleges to increase our free aid?

How do we apply? Where do we apply?

How is all this process tied to the admissions process?

How do we strategize and plan our finances in advance to gain a competitive edge in this very expensive process?


College Admissions questions parents are concerned about:

How do we create a master college list to maximize our admissions chances?

How do we create a master college list to max out scholarships and free aid?

How do we structure our application essays?

How do we conduct a college interview session?

How do we make our student stand out to be more competitive?

What to do in the summer time?

Which colleges to visit and when?

Which Admission Plan is Right for You?


Hourly Session


Duration: 90 Minutes

Meet & Strategize!

The Specialist will customize this session based on your specific data & will share valuable insights, set exact parameters, expectations, and a viable path on how to move forward in your Admissions/Scholarships/Free Aid process with increased confidence.

Important: If your child is heading to college with only 12-18 months remaining to deadlines, this consultation is designed for you!

College Applications & Essay Services (Unlimited):

Comprehensive Student Evaluation

Areas of Interest/Major/Schools

Create ACT/SAT Testing Schedule & Test Goals

Building a Student Resume

College Data Reports

Develop College List Organized into Reach, Target, and Safety Schools

Superb Essays & Personal Statements Counseling & Editing

How to Get the Most out of College Visits and Interviews

Complete all Application Before Deadlines

Early Admissions/ Decisions Counseling

& much more.

Scholarships & Free Aid Services (Unlimited):

Strategies on INCREASING Merit Scholarships

Strategies on INCREASING Need Based Scholarships

Federal & Private EFC Calculation & Reduction Strategies

FAFSA Form Strategies & Instructions

CSS - Profile Form Strategies & Instructions

Leveraging the Financial Aid Offers & Negotiations

Award Letters Review and Appeal Evaluation

Identify Areas for Cash Flow Enhancement

Debt Reduction Strategies

& much more.

Did You know?


Today’s college costs can escalate upwards of $340,000.00 per student and despite all the available information most families still overpay about 20% to 40% due to a lack of cohesive strategy and the complicated scholarships & financial aid procedures. 

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