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FAFSA & CSS-Profile Strategies

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As an expert consultant with over 22 years of solid experience, extensive knowledge, and successful results, The Specialist not only steers the admissions process superbly step by step, but also combines the deep knowledge of the ever-changing Scholarships and Free Aid formulas, FAFSA, CSS-Profile, Federal, State, and Private Colleges inner workings to ensure that maximum amounts of free monies are allocated to each family and no cash is left on the table. Moreover, that family’s resources are adequately protected from unnecessary drainage during this very expensive period of education process.

Strategize Early

What Strategies are available to your specific family’s situation to increase your chances of winning/obtaining more Scholarships and Free Aid?

Financial Aid & Scholarships strategies are designed to maximize the amount of FREE dollars for each family and directly lower your out of pocket college expenses. You need to know in advance what EFC and Scholarships strategies are suited to your specific family situation.


Check All Deadlines

Make sure you meet the deadlines or preferred dates if you want to be considered for all types of available aid.


Get Organized

Before you and your family sit down to complete your forms, gather together ALL of your most recent financial records (income tax returns, W-2 forms, pay stubs, asset statements, home mortgage and debt information, etc.). You will need the records for the calendar year preceding the academic year you plan to enter college.


Let The Specialist Help You!

Do not gamble $160,000.00 to $340,000.00. Let The College Specialist who understands and knows how to navigate the system, formulas and the financial matters to help you during this process and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.


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