About The College Specialist


The College Specialist has over 22 years of experience with a highly successful record  in the college preparation and funding field. The Specialist not only steers the admissions process superbly step by step, but also combines the deep knowledge of the ever-changing Scholarships and Free Aid formulas, FAFSA, CSS-Profile, Federal, State, and Private Colleges inner workings to ensure that maximum amounts of free monies are allocated to each family and no cash is left on the table. Moreover, that family’s resources are adequately protected from unnecessary drainage during this very expensive period of education process.

More about The Specialist:

Our Mission:

Our sole purpose is to help you and your student to receive the best possible education in the most cost-effective manner and we have successfully achieved this for hundreds of families from all walks of life regardless of their income, assets, or backgrounds. 


How we work:

We believe in creating a very caring, hands on, and highly disciplined approach to tackle today’s college challenges with lots of time in advance to prepare. This is good for all parties involved as we understand how stressful this process can be for the parents and specially the students. For instance, we believe that deadlines are just another beautiful day, if you did not wait to the last minute to submit your admissions or scholarships and variety of financial aid applications.


The Specialist's Results

The results of this dedicated process are better quality education for the children as well as less money out of your pocket, avoiding overpaying for college costs and unpleasant college loans. Your savings come in the forms of time, energy, stress, and of course financially.


The Specialist is dedicated to achieving the maximum above results for every one of our families. Therefore, we limit the number of new applicants every year to assure of our quality results.

Methods of Payment

We accept Cash, Checks, and all major credit cards (2.9% added to total).

Excellent 5 star reviews

For more than 20 years, we have asked our families to rate us with their experience. We are glad to present 8 full albums of authentic 5 star reviews with you in our office, in addition to all the online review posted on line.

Our Focus

Here is shout video regarding our services:

  • Expert Admissions Counseling
  • Maximizing Free Money
  • Unlimited Support

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